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Inspection and certification body

Bonded glass constructions are construction products/construction types not covered by German regulations. A general approval (AbZ), a project-related approval (ZiE) or project-specific construction type permit (vBg) has to be applied for.

As an approved building inspection and certification body for bonded glass constructions we carry out the following activities:

  • Initial type testing of the construction product "bonded glass" or the bonding workshop
  • Inspection body for external surveillance of bonded glass constructions
  • In the course of our inspection activities (external surveillance), we evaluate the compatibility of bonded glass constructions with general building control approvals (AbZ), project-related approvals (ZiE) or project-related construction type permits (vBg).
  • Preparing compatibility certificates for bonded glass constructions.

We carry out the following activities as a recognised inspection body for point fastened cladding on external walls made from toughened safety glass

  • Supervision of the installation at a height of more than 8 m above ground level (in accordance with ÜTBauVO – state regulations regarding the supervision of activities with construction products and construction types - dated 11 July 2001).

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